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I am currently developing a point and click game for my character. It's supposed to be a light and casual story gameplay.


Demo contains:

  • 5 levels
  • 2 achievements

BG music is in but sound effects and additional levels and achievements will be added as I continue working on it. I hope you enjoy the demo! :)


I am planning to set it up to be around 12 -15 ish levels. This is my 3rd time making a point and click game but this is the first time I'll be coding everything using AS3.

Here are my two previous games - it was done using my client's engine but all art and level design is done by me.

Ninja Delivery

I am still constantly learning in this process! If this goes well, I'll be looking a way to port it to android or iOS. I am new with this but eager to learn so any tips are much appreciated. Your support or donation is definitely appreciated!

Game Content:

  • 10+ levels (still tentative as I go through making the levels)
  • Achievements


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so good